Yoga is over 4000 years old, yet
may be new to you
Yoga is a practice. Yoga is the practice of using the breath to move the body. Yoga is the practice of noticing the sensations of the body and listening, learning the language of the body, and what the body is telling you. Yoga embraces the practice of staying present to what is available with the body, while becoming more aware of intentionally being in the body. The practice of Yoga moves all the muscles, lubricates all the joints, and fires the systems of the body (digestive system, nervous system, circulatory system, muscular and skeletal systems, endocrine system, to name a few). Yoga helps calm the nervous system by slowing down the breath which may be effective for reducing anxiety. Yoga helps to be able to feel whole and complete in the body, which may reduce depression. Yoga, if given the chance, changes life. Yoga has changed my life!
See you at the Yoga Studio!!
Patty McGown, LPC, E-RYT